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Company Profile

Luoyang Hai Hui new material Co., Ltd. is China Petrochemical chemical fiber industry introduction device supporting the production of additive of fine chemical plant, in 2001 to invest built. When the test is successful, and become the pioneer of domestic antimony based catalysts. Products at the same time in SINOPEC Luoyang points, 20 million tons and Tianjin Company 2 00000 tons of polyester equipment trial successful case, so that my company's products soon spread all over the country, complete replacement of antimony acetate, oxidation of antimony and imported ethylene glycol antimony in the domestic polyester equipment should be used. The company also became the first batch of China Petrochemical Corporation "three agents" collaborative network members, "three agents" designated outstanding production units, Sinopec, a resource supplier and excellent suppliers. 2001 "Matt" brand of ethylene glycol antimony to obtain certificate of high-tech products, enterprises have become a state-level high-tech enterprises, lay the company position in the catalyst industry. In 2014, the company successfully acquired Luoyang Petrochemical packaging materials Co., Ltd., making it a wholly owned subsidiary of Luoyang Hai Hui new materials Co., ltd.. After 15 years of development, the company has now become a product manufacturing, product packaging, product sales, after-sales service, one of the catalyst industry, is one of the country's largest suppliers of ethylene glycol antimony.

The company R & D and production of "Matt" brand high activity polyester catalyst ethylene glycol antimony production has more than 3500 tons / year, and in China, the top 50 polyester chemical fiber textile industry universal application occupies the dominant position in the market. The company also has a team of excellent talent team, strong technical force, with the domestic well-known research institutions and university related laboratory established good relations of cooperation, and continuously research and development of high-tech products, also my company in Shanghai established catalyst R & D base and sales window, for my company to maintain market leading to make a solid guarantee. Product marketing the country more than 30 provinces and cities, and exported to Taiwan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.